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Take me out

Anyone seen the video to Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" ?

I just saw it for the first time yesterday and it was reminiscent of Monty Python with the black and white newspaper, stop motion stuff going on. It was the video that first kept my eyes on the song, I wanted to know who it was because it reminded me of another song/video that I don't know diddly about. Just enough to be stupid.
Like, I don't know the group, the name of the song, or enough lyrics to be helpful in finding it. So far I've been successful in finding all the songs that I had only shreds of info on, but was tormented by. All but this one.

It's all lines, like a very poor 2d sort of effect. Like if a moving object crosses another, you can see the lines pass through each other, there is no depth or soul to the objects.

One part of the video involves the outline of a man fighting an outline of a godzilla type monster, kung-fu/mortal kombat style. Another involves a guy skateboarding, and/or riding a bike (at different times) through a city, and then the cityscape sort of ends, and there's just this line the guy follows and trails off of, either falling off, or something I don't remember what.

The song Take me Out is in my ass now. By that I mean, just thinking about it causes me to shake my ass, and have to play it, if possible.
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