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Today's attempt...failure

I wrote MTV a real live snail mail awhile back, and held onto it like a beady eyed little lazy ass, and then finally mailed it. I'm sure it's been greater or equal to a month, and no reply.

I requested they make the LTV seasons available on DVD for those of us who enjoyed the series, and I know there's enough from then, and enough people gullible enough (even if they have zero appreciation for obscure art, art at all, or animation that isn't powerlab-spongeball-z) to buy it. I am not defeated, I know it's impossible to expect anything serious in a mere month. (It took three to get a response from MacGyver when I wrote him when I was 12, and an avid fan.)

Considering the mind-numbing cookie cutter things they can excrete and plaster on tv, I don't see why LTV can't be given another opportunity. But perhaps they no longer have the rights to LTV as a whole, rather just a couple of individual cartoons that held their own for awhile. (Beavis and Butthead, and Aeon Flux.)

On the most recent, self alloted trip to Barnes and Noble, I found Excel Saga manga. I knew it existed, but it surprised me anyway. I was so close to buying it all up, but that's why my visits to the bookstore have to be carefully self regulated, otherwise I'll never leave, and read until the end of time, since I can't afford to buy every single book that I want.
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